Nov. 19, 2022

Positive Impact Season

Positive Impact Season


I am back with a few updates before the Holiday Season kicks in this upcoming week.  Season 4 of the podcast is shaping up rather nicely and I think you all are going to enjoy what's in store for the show in 2023.  I've already lined up some great guests to start the season off with and a Season 4 podcast partnership with Responsible Stewardship, a non-profit organization based out of East Tennessee.  I am really looking forward to having the podcast be part of a partnership that will encompass stewardship, education through action, and making a positive impact on our outdoor spaces, communities, and public lands.  We already have a few dates set where we are going to be partnering together to clean up some of our public lands here on the east coast!  Once we announce those dates I hope you will join us.   

So mark your calendars the "Jester" Section Hiker Podcast will return on Saturday January 7, 2023 for "Season 4" - The Positive Impact Season.  I have been enjoying my break but I am also ready to share with you all some exciting updates, interviews, and more information about the podcast partnership with Responsible Stewardship. Website Information: Responsible Stewardship

And don't worry Austin will be back joining me as well for the podcast season 4 opener to share some exciting news we have been working on as well.  2023 is really shaping up to be a great year of community, giving back to the trails we love, and HIKING 🥾.  

Past Podcast Episodes to re-listen to:  Hiker Safety Episodes with Nancy East, Dani Beau, and covering the 10 Essentials with co-host, Austin. Such valuable information when it comes to being safe out there plus the 10 Essentials make great holiday gifts 🎁! Check those episodes out here: Hiker Safety Podcast Playlist

Join the podcast on YouTube:  In the last blog I mentioned you could also listen to the podcast on YouTube.  I hope you will subscribe because starting in 2023 there will also be video versions of the podcast released in addition to the regular audio show. Watch on YouTube


Until then Happy Holidays,  




P.S.  My foot seems to be healing as expected, I've started physical therapy, and I'm easing back to work.  Things are progressing nicely! 


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