Jan. 1, 2022

Hiker Safety Pins

Hiker Safety Pins are now available for purchase!  I am hoping this is just the beginning of what we can do as a community of hiker safety champions!  I am continually thinking of ways to get the word out about being safe on the trails, carrying the 10 essentials on all of our hikes, and being pro-active about Hiker Safety.  

One of the ways I came up with promoting hiker safety is to wear a hiker safety pin on your hat, backpack, fanny pack, or wherever it is visible so others can see it while you are out on your favorite trail.  If people see it I hope they ask questions where you can explain and have educational conversations about the 10 essentials and safety tips.  

The pins are $10 which includes taxes, shipping, etc.  All proceeds from the pins will be donated to the Fowler-O'Sullivan Foundation for the goal of raising  $500 toward a Satellite Communicator Giveaway Initiative for the upcoming 2022 Hiker Season.  $500 will cover the cost of one Garmin inReach Mini and seven months of service for one winner.  Last year the foundation was able to give away a total of eight inReach Mini's during the 2021 hiker season.  The initiative is in honor of Kris "Sherpa" Fowler and David O'Sullivan who are both still missing on the PCT.  

More information on the foundation and their Satellite Communicator Initiative can be found here:  Fowler-O'Sullivan Foundation

Pins are 1.5" x 1.5", Soft Enamel, and have a butterfly clutch. There are 50 pins available for this first round of raising $500. 

Please use this link to purchase your Hiker Safety Pin over on Paypal:

Hiker Safety Pin - Paypal 

Paypal Social Media Selling will allow for the purchase of one pin at at time.  If you want more than one pin my apologies you will just have to purchase again.  Please be sure your address is correct in the ship to section! 

Be one of the first to get the new Hiker Safety Pin and help an awesome initiative along the way!  Prepare, Practice, and Promote Hiker Safety!

Be Safe Out There!