Oct. 15, 2022

Time For A Fall Break

Time For A Fall Break


Episode #146 officially released this morning and my co-host Austin is back to chat with me as I announce that I am officially taking a break from the podcast starting with today's episode.

It has been an amazing journey creating the podcast each week for almost 3 years and a total of 149 episodes.  Back when the first episode of the show came out December 1, 2019 I never imagined it would lead to me meeting and interviewing so many amazing section hikers, small business owners, non-profit staff, creators, and so much more! 

It takes a team to write and produce a quality podcast episode each week and I am proud to have accomplished that with this show which is truly the "Premiere podcast with the spotlight on section hikers".   It's been an amazing journey that has led me to sharing the show with co-hosts, podcast contributors, and you the listener.  

I hope you all will continue to enjoy the podcast by catching up on past episodes, re-listening to your favorites, and sharing your favorite shows out on your social media sites.  The podcast will remain on the Hiking Radio Network platform to download and enjoy anytime.  

I am taking a break this fall from this podcast but as you will hear on today's show I am not necessarily taking a break from creating content and I will continue to write and produce along side my co-host Austin as we venture toward making new media. 

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Thank you so much for listening each week to the show, and supporting the Hiking Radio Network.

Happy Section Hiking!