July 30, 2022

"Jester's Communique"

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!
It's hard to believe that we are rounding out the month of July and it will be August here in a few days!  This summer has been filled with hiking on the Mountains to Sea Trail, working on the MST Documentary titled, "I Am The MST" with my podcast co-host, Austin Wallis, and working on a proposal for this week's upcoming MST Board Meeting.  I am hoping to create a new committee for the MST and hope to get the blessings from the board this week!  
This week's podcast episode with Amy Tippett starts off with us talking about colonoscopies, mammograms, and taking care of your health.  I even laughed at myself when I listened to it this morning!  You can listen today's show with Amy here:  "Jester" Section Hiker
Going forward I am thinking about hosting these emails on the podcast website page.  The podcast website has the capability of allowing me to post a blog and have a link to share associated with the blog post.  It would be nice to have a record of these weekly posts permanently on the website and it will allow me to post pics and links in an easier format.  I think I might test this out for the next email and share with you all next week and see what you think. 
Wish Austin and I luck as we show the "I Am The MST" Trailer to the mini series this week at the MST Board meeting.  We are both nervous and proud of the work we have done and look forward to the board seeing what we have created.  
"I Am The MST" will officially begin releasing on Austin's YouTube Channel starting 8/27 and a new episode for the series will be released each Saturday in September.  
“I Am The MST” Release Dates:
8/27 - “I Am The MST” Trailer
9/3 - The Vision
9/10 - The Foundation
9/17 - The Partners
9/24 - The Legacy
Would love for you to join me at one of more of these events:   
9/10 - I will be leading a hike in Elkin, NC from Grassy Creek Winery to Carter Falls on the MST.  More information to come as we get closer.  The hike will start at 9am at the Winery and will be a round trip back to the Winery covering around 4.5 miles.  
9/24 - "I AM THE MST" Premiere showing in Hillsboro, NC at the Main Library in downtown Hillsboro at 9am. followed by a hike with Beverly Scarlett.  Beverly is featured in our documentary series and we will be showing her portion of the series titled "The Foundation" and then Beverly will be leading us on a hike featuring some of the highlights in town you will see in the film.  I am also excited to announce there will be coffee and muffins served at the Premiere compliments of The Mebane Trail Rangers and the folks over at Keep Durham Beautiful will be joining us as well. 
10/6 - 10/9 Woods Hole Weekend - The Hiking Radio Network will be hosting a weekend retreat at the famous "Woods Hole Hostel" on the Appalachian Trail in Pearisburg, NC.  We will be hiking, hosting workshops, and sharing with you all tips and guidance on Thru Hiking and Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail.  As soon as I have registration information I will share via email, Instagram, and Facebook.  Participation will be limited so keep that in mind as we get closer.  
Thanks for listening to the podcast and I truly appreciate your support!  If you have a moment one of the ways you can help me promote the podcast is to give a rating and review on Apple Podcasts!  Right now I have 98 reviews and it would be awesome to get that to 100 or more!  The more reviews and ratings a podcast has the more Apple will share and recommend on their platform! 
Happy Section Hiking!