Nov. 5, 2022

Podcast, Projects, and a Cast

Podcast, Projects, and a Cast

Happy November! 

Just a few updates from the past couple of weeks when it comes to the Podcast, some future projects I am working on with Austin, and how I am doing almost 4 weeks post surgery.  I decided to "chunk" this blog out into topics like I would a lesson plan.  I know you Educators out there will get a chuckle out of this format 😆.

Podcast Updates:  It's been great taking a break from the weekly podcast and I am starting to miss interviewing folks.  I have some new ideas on how the podcast will progress forward in 2023.  Over the past 3 years of the show there have been weekly episodes with no breaks but with "Season 4" there will breaks, seasonal content, and a slightly different release schedule.  More details soon! 

Project Updates:  I have been working with my co-host Austin to narrow down our projects together for 2023. In 2022 we began working together and combining our skill sets to create our first Documentary Film titled, I Am The MST.  If you haven't watched that film series yet you can do so here: I AM THE MST.   Austin has worked hard to combine that 4 part series into one film and I'm happy to report the full length feature film is complete.  We will be sharing the film in a new capacity soon!  Be on the lookout for that.   We also just confirmed this past week our collaboration with an amazing individual for a future film project in 2023.  This film is going to be profound, impactful, and educational.  

A Cast:  Post surgery I was sent home in a splint for the first 2 weeks and then I would follow up with my surgeons PA.  At my follow up appointment when the nurse took the splint off it was such a relief.  My foot and leg could "breath" for a few moments.  The PA came in and looked at my incision, which scared me it was so long, and said it looked great.  My foot was still pretty swollen but he was happy with the progress.  Once he gave his blessings the nurse came back in, took my stitches out, and put on a FULL cast for me to wear for another 2 weeks.  The cast will be off soon and then I will be in a walking boot for another 4 weeks and starting physical therapy.  I am excited (and nervous) to take some steps here in a few days!  

Past Podcast Episodes to re-listen to:  In the early days of the podcast I started a series of shows titled, Entrepreneur's Inspired by The Trail and interviewed several guests that started small businesses because of their time out on various trails.  Check out those episodes here:  Click here for playlist of Entrepreneur's Inspired by The Trail Episodes

Fun Fact:  You can also listen to the podcast on YouTube.   Subscribe Here:  "Jester" Section Hiker on YouTube
Have an amazing November and I’ll be back in touch before Thanksgiving.  🍁


Happy Section Hiking, 




P.S. This weeks blog cover pic comes to you from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the AT/MST.  I was looking at pics on my phone and this one stood out and brought back many memories.  I love when that happens. 


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