March 12, 2022

Episode #115 - Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee)

Episode #115 - Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee)

Jester brings back her dear friend, Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee) to catch up on her 2022 section hiking plans and chat about her struggle recently hiking with asthma.

It's always great when Jester has frequent guest to the show, Maria Wishart, or more known as Wheezy Pee on the podcast. Wheezy Pee catches us up on what she's been up to with her Appalachian Trail section hikes, training her dog Boots, and continuing to hike with asthma.

Wheezy Pee has been struggling the past several months to get her asthma under control, and is working on getting the right combination of medicines and preventative measures in place so she can continue backpacking. She shares with us specifically what she's been doing and plans going forward in 2022.

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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