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Benjy "Doc" Brown


Benjy "Doc" Brown is a lifelong North Carolina resident and adventurer. Benjy completed the Mountains to Sea Trail in 2020 by paddling the Neuse River. He is 860 miles into completing the MST again, going the opposite way as the first time. Benjy has section hiked from short morning hikes to multiple day hikes. "Doc" teaches 8th grade Social Studies, NC history, and likes to use his travels to document the history of NC for his students. He has two children, Alexander and Hannah, 21 and 19. They are playing in the band at Appalachian State University. Benjy looks forward to many upcoming adventures and following wherever the trails lead.

Jester's Class Of 2022 Section Hikers

Episode #131 - Benjy Brown (Doc)

July 2, 2022

Benjy Brown or also known as "Doc" shares with Jester his love for the Mountains To Sea Trail, his love for North Carolina, and his strategy for catching sunsets and sunrises while he's out on the MST!