Jester Section Hiker Podcast - Episode 111: Dan Durston and the Four Core Philosophies

Come along as Jester and I interview the man, the myth, the legend himself...Dan Durston. This was an absolutely amazing opportunity to sit down and talk all things gear, the X-Mid 1P/2P upgrades, the long awaited X-Mid 2P Pro, and the future of!

Check out for more information on Dan and his amazing product line.

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0:00 Introduction
3:16 It’s Dan!
4:50 How did the X-Mid start?
5:56 The First Principles Approach
8:00 Drop enters the picture
12:53 Polyester for a tent?
18:11 X-Mid 1P/2P Upgrades?
22:28 The X-Mid 2P Pro
30:18 Compromises with the X-Mid Pro
34:18 Supply chain issues
38:15 Durston Gear in the future
41:41 Durston Gearheads…not a cult
45:30 Dan’s shout outs
47:02 Wrapping it up