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About Courtney

Courtney Miller is muddling her way through life with a full-time job, a full-time husband and two children - who are sometimes more than full time! She has survived clinical depression, two c-sections, sinking a boat in a tropical storm and living with a dog that won’t take no for an answer…

She is passionate about living in authenticity and enjoying life to its fullest. It was the pursuit of this passion that led her to life coaching and ultimately to writing and podcasting. The transformation that she has experienced in her own life, as well as the changes she has helped others experience, is the source of her inspiration and her drive to share joy with others.

Courtney is also a speaker and author. Her first book, Jacob Talks:Precocious Wit and Wisdom From A PreSchooler, was written about the amazing and hilarious conversations she has had with her son. She hoped that in sharing an unfiltered look at her struggles as a mom she might help other parents let themselves off the perfectionist hook. You can find her book Jacob Talks: Precocious Wit and Wisdom From A Pre-Schooler, on Amazon.

Courtney lives with her family in Florida, where she dreams of thru hiking the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and any other trail that can offer an elevation more than 27 feet above sea level.


About the show

Courtney has had an on-again/off-again relationship with mountains, hiking and primitive camping, starting in Alaska in her very early life. She also often hiked and “car camped” in the high desert and Sierra Nevadas in California growing up. After living almost 20 years at Sea Level, the mountains were calling again. After “accidentally” stepping onto the Appalachian Trail in Georgia in 2020, the affair was back on!

Now Courtney, aka “Unfiltered”, has created a podcast to indulge in research on her deep love affair with the wilderness and to help others understand that they can fall in love with it too. She talks to guests from various backgrounds and levels of hiking experience in an effort to pick their brains about how to get out and enjoy the outdoors “responsibly”.