Nov. 8, 2021

Episode #01 - Pilot

Episode #01 - Pilot

What We're All About

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Today, Courtney Miller introduces her new podcast, Hiking Unfiltered. Courtney will present her show as authentically as she can. She wants to give you the joys and realities of being out in nature–through both good and bad times.

For Courtney, nature is a restorative process and, as a mother of two young children, she wants the podcast to bring the outdoors to you in a way you may not have heard before.

So come along every other week and join Courtney on her journey as she brings her guests and her stories to you all. With this show, you'll learn the how and why of hiking and many of the benefits that ensue. As Courtney says, "Welcome!!"

Remember, she'd love to hear from you on any topic that comes up in the show or if you know someone who would be a great guest for the show. Email Courtney at

You can join the Unfiltered community on Facebook to share your questions and show ideas.

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If you enjoy Courtney's Unfiltered banter, you will love the conversations she has with her son Jacob (plus his candid take on the world). Check out her book: Jacob Talks: Precocious Wit and Wisdom From A Preschooler