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Ryan! Appreciated your thorough analysis of what made sense for *you*. That will always be what matters most!

Hike your own hike

Ryan, Don’t worry about the listeners. We will be here when you return to the trail once you have recovered. Keep up the spirits. Steve

So interesting!

This podcast is honest, educational, and some of the most interesting content on the trail that I’ve heard in a while.

Must-listen for AT enthusiasts

Ryan is honest, knowledgeable, and well spoken. He brings his deep Appalachian roots as he invites listeners to share both his journey and stories from hikers he meets along the way. Interviews from the trail make you feel like you’re there with him through the highs and lows. Original artwork and soundtrack are a testament to his authenticity.

What an engaging host!

This podcast has me hooked already. A must-listen in the making!