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Loved every step of the trail!

Great show, I could identify well with Bruce and loved following his journey. great stuff.

Very well done.

Such a great podcast. Very informative and intriguing. Both of you guys did such a great job! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to complete the AT! Meanwhile I’ll stick to hiking around central Alabama when I get the time.

Very inspiring

Congratulations on the thru hike. This podcast was great! I listened from the beginning. Made my work week better as I looked forward weekly to find the right time to listen. Very inspiring!! Thanks for letting us join your journey.

Congratulations on AT Thru-Hike

Congratulations Bruce on completing your 44 year dream. I enjoyed listening to your journey and some time I felt I was there on the trail hiking with you. I know you planned a lot for this trip, if you don’t mind sharing, where can I get the details. Regards

So Apple only allows one review of a podcast, I found a workaround

Sorry Apple but this show deserves MANY 5 star reviews. Love the podcast do much that when recently hiking in the Whites, I left RTK so encouragement in some AMC Hut registers. Tell him I was VERY tired when visiting each hut so my notes were brief. Hiked for 4 days from Franconia Notch to Cr…

A great podcast that last thousands of miles

Two months ago I first started listening to Mighty Blue on the Appalachin trail and have not fully listedn to both Mighty Blue and Returning to Katahdin. Both Podcast which I love recently inspired me to go on my first hike in years in Alaska. Bruce and Dave do a great job "walking" you through al…

Look forward to Monday Mornings

I look forward to the podcast every monday morning! I have also finally caught up with all the episodes on the Mighty Blue podcast. As a section hiker in Maine (should finish Maine this year!), I’m looking forward to hearing Bruce’s experience as he heads north!

What a great podcast!

I love this podcast! The first chunk of episodes about preparation and getting ready for the trail really hyped me up for thru hiking season. And now, I get to follow RTK as he heads north! What an absolute pleasure.

Looking forward to Monday’s!

I used to find myself excited for the weekend. Now I can’t wait for it to end because that means it’s MONDAY and a new episode!!! ❤️

Another good one!

This is another great podcast! Love Mighty Blue, love this one. I have a friend on the AT this year and between her pictures and this podcast I get to live my dreams through others. I pull out my guide book and follow along during each episode. Some day I’ll hike the AT, but for now, listening t…

Great podcast

Having only section like part of the Appalachian Trail I am looking forward to following RTK on his journey hopefully all the way to Maine.

New Favorite Backpacking Podcast!

In addition to being informative and interesting, this podcast is enjoyable to listen to. No annoying soundtrack music or rookie sound effects here! I appreciate the older and wiser perspective here in “recalling a dream” and going after it. It gives me hope as I’m recalling my own. Happy trails!

So excited for the trip to start!

Does Bruce plan on being at Trail Days in Damascus!

Great podcast for prospective AT thru hikers

I ran across this excellent podcast after listening to a few episodes of the sister podcast, Mighty Blue on the AT, and have enjoyed listening to the various topics that Steve and Bruce have discussed. As a current 54 yr. old AT section hiker, who hopes to thru hike the AT eventually, this has be…

Tractor Beam

I hope Katahdin lures Bruce in like this Podcast has lured me in. I enjoy listening to Steve’s true knowledge of the Trail merging with Bruce’s research. I listened to Episodes 1-14 in 1.5 days. Looking forward to the days ahead.

Interesting For AT Hike Planning

Very interesting podcast for those planning to hike all or part of the AT Trail. Podcast is just the right length, and narrator does a good job moving the conversation through topics relevant to AT hikers.

Quick and fun way to follow the adventure

At 30 minutes per episode, Steve does a great job talking through the excitement of preparing for such a large undertaking as a thru-hike with Bruce. His soothing voice and deep knowledge of the trail makes this for an interesting adventure to listen to.

An invaluable resource for aspiring Thru Hikers!

I wish I'd had this podcast while preparing for my thru hike. Thanks Mighty Blue for giving the trail community another great resource! I'm looking forward to following and supporting Bruce "RTK" on his journey as he supported me (like he has for so many others) on my thru hike in 2016. To Katah…

A fascinating study opportunity

This is a spinoff from Steve Adams' outstanding thru-hiking podcast Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail. Bruce Matson is gearing up to accomplish a long-held dream, hiking the ~2,190-mile AT, and Returning to Katahdin is Steve's attempt to document the entire process. It's also worth noting that…

Brings back good memories

I hiked the trail in 2004 and this podcast brings back good memories of the trail. I am writing this on November 27, 2017 and Bruce is 90 days out from the start of the trail. As he and Steve talking about getting ready, I am reminded of how I felt and prepared for the trip. I am looking foward …

Another Great Podcast!

I’m looking forward to hearing about Bruce’s preparations and his experiences while hiking the AT!

Another home run for Mighty Blue

This podacst is a spinoff form his first podacst 'Might Blue On the AT'. Rather than Steve interviewing different hikers and reading his own book, we are in for a bit of a different treat here. Steve is having conversations with Bruce Matson, who's 40 year dream of thru hiking the AT is finally com…