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Excellent podcast!!

I've listened since episode 1 and anxiously await each new installment. I have learned so much about hammock camping and have a setup ordered from Hemlock Mountain due to the great interview. My first jaunt into hammocking last year left me with a lot of things not to do and HHP is filling in the gaps for me. Thanks a million and keep up the good work Skunkape!

Informative and fun!

It is so interesting to hear how other people hammock and how they got started. I’ve learned a lot from listening to this podcast.

The best is yet to come (??????) 🙃

I titled this review as i did due to the plain and simple fact that, after only these first 2 episodes thus far having been posted and listened to, i can not see how it will be easy to top them. I am looking forward to hearing every epidode. Ok. Now where's that donate button........🙃

Welcome to the Hiking Radio Network!

So glad to have you and your show be part of the Hiking Radio Network family of podcasts! Thanks for all you do for the network!

Great 1st episode!

In the interest of transparency I am from Florida and I have been to Hangcon a number of times. This episode was a great introduction to what the hammocking community is all about. I look forward to future episodes.