Dec. 6, 2021

Episode #03 - Meg Nocero

Episode #03 - Meg Nocero

But why?!

Today's guest is Meg Nocero. We get real about well...getting real! We dive into some of the amazing benefits of our journeys on trail and how that can completely alter our perspective off trail. Meg's story is a great example of the "why" behind hiking and pushing ourselves past our perceived limitations.

Meg Nocero, is an attorney (former federal prosecutor) inspirational speaker, certified empowerment coach and award-winning author of The Magical Guide to Bliss, Daily Keys to Unlock Your Dreams, Spirit & Inner Bliss. She holds a BA in Spanish, with a concentration in Italian from Boston College; a MA in International Affairs from the University of Miami; and a JD from St. Thomas University School of Law. She received a certificate in the Science of Wellbeing from Yale University and a Certificate in Happiness Studies through the Happiness Studies Academy.

Ms. Nocero is the owner of Butterflies & Bliss, LLC, founded a non-profit called S.H.I.N.E. Networking Inc. that provides educational scholarships to young innovative leaders, and is a Love Button Global Movement Ambassador.


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