Sept. 24, 2022

I Am The MST - The Legacy

I Am The MST - The Legacy
Good Morning and Happy National Public Lands Day!
Episode #143 of the podcast has released this morning and the final episode in our documentary titled, I Am The MST (The Legacy) has released this morning as well.  On the podcast Austin and I share a final "behind the scenes" account of how we put the I Am The MST (The Legacy) episode together.  
We both hope you have enjoyed the podcast and watching I Am The MST over the last few weeks.  It was such a great way to celebrate the MST turning 45 years old this month and a great way for us to share more about the MST and our great State of North Carolina. 
Watch I Am The MST including today's release click below: 
Listen to today's Podcast - Episode #143 click below: 
Check out the Mountains to Sea Trail Website Below!  Austin and I have been added to the homepage of the website.  Look for the box that says, Watch - I Am The MST.  Thank You MST! 
We hope to see some of you in Hillsborough, NC this morning at 9:30am!  
 9/24 - "I AM THE MST" Premiere showing in Hillsboro, NC at the Main Library in downtown Hillsboro at 9am. followed by a hike with Beverly Scarlett.  Beverly is featured in our documentary series and we will be showing her portion of the series titled "The Foundation" and then Beverly will be leading us on a hike featuring some of the highlights in town you will see in the film.  I am also excited to announce there will be coffee and muffins served at the Premiere compliments of The Mebane Trail Rangers and the folks over at Keep Durham Beautiful will be joining us as well. 
You can also join us on our next adventure:  
10/6 - 10/9 Woods Hole Weekend - The Hiking Radio Network will be hosting a weekend retreat at the famous "Woods Hole Hostel" on the Appalachian Trail in Pearisburg, NC.  We will be hiking, hosting workshops, and sharing with you all tips and guidance on Thru Hiking and Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail. You can register for the weekend Here!
Happy Section Hiking!