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Great info and warm style

Jester’s section-hiking podcasts are chock-full of useful information, especially on section hikes in the eastern US including the Appalachian Trail. Jester has a warm, pleasing style both when interviewing guests and when sharing her own vast knowledge and experience. Her passion for hiking and educating others is infectious.

An amazing hiking podcast!

It is great to have a podcast focus on section hiking. All though I have been a scoutmaster and led backpacking trips, I learn something on every episode! Julie and her guests make me laugh, challenge me to think and impart wisdom! Keep up the great show!!!

Great Info

Always seem to lean some thing and always enjoy the humor. Keep up the good work

So many reasons to listen

This podcast is informative, organized and genuine. Whether new to hiking or backpacking or if you are a seasoned hiker, I believe you’ll enjoy Jester’s podcast. Thank you for this entertaining education,

Great and informative program

Have been enjoying the program for a year, look forward to 2022


As a section hiker love following this pod cast I can relate to it and get great tips for upcoming trips

Look forward to listening!

Great interviews, great tips on gears and trails. Fun to listen to each week!

Must listen for section hikers

Love the show. Keeps me motivated to keep chugging along the Buckeye Trail section by section, as well as fuels my desire for the other trails.

Makes me excited to hike!

If you day, section, or thru hike or just love good stories, then this pod cast is for you. Jester is up-beat,entertaining, educated, and informative. I can’t wait to next hit the trails after each episode. Well done! (And her theme song is amazing and spot-on!)


Great information on slack-packing! Always appreciate your insight!

Excellent podcast!!

Excellent podcasts for hikers. Really enjoy the content and great information for active section hiker. Currently me and my brother are section hiking the MST and this podcast has some great information.

Thank you!

Excellent podcast. Thank you for all of the great, detailed information on the MST. Your podcast has given me great advice as I am working on the 40 Day Hike Challenge. I replay each individual hike’s episode as I am driving to the trailhead. I hope to complete by the end of 2021. Thomas Dellinger

“Would you wander with me?”

I love how Jester records from the trail! Going uphill and out of breath? Describing a water crossing with the sound of rippling in the background? A fall hike with crunchy leaves? Jester’s high-quality recordings make you feel as if you’re hiking right next to her. Thanks for bringing us along on your hikes!

Look forward to each week...,

A friend encouraged me to listen in and have been hooked ever since. Love listening in my car while driving.

Can’t get enough of Jester!

I stumbled across this podcast and I am so happy I did. I’m section hiking the Mountains to Sea Trail and Jester’s MST episodes have been so informative. Her other episodes are introducing me to other trails that I would like to tackle next and many other hikers. Hearing about their experiences and trials has given me confidence that I can do it. I hate to admit it but before I began listening I felt kind of like a second rate hiker because I wasn’t thru hiking but not any more. Thanks Jester.

Love it!!

Always look forward to the drop on Saturday. Love that I found a podcast that is for section hiking since that is what I do. The interviews are inspirational and make me want to plan my next adventure. Thanks Jester!

Better and better!

Jester just keeps getting better and better....I love the diversity of her show; the guests, the trail talk and the overall whole show! It's so refreshing not just to hear the same old conversation about thru hikers (who are great in their own right) but Jester is truly giving section hikers their due credit! Keep up the GREAT work!

Awesome podcast!

Julie’s podcast is one I always look forward to because she is so informative, down to earth and real! Her series on the NC Mountains to the Sea Trail has been particularly enjoyable, but every episode in the series so far has been so good. Check this one out!

Fantastic Speaker

Julie does a terrific job on this podcast and as a fellow-outdoors/hiking podcaster I’m envious of how well spoken she is which makes her a true delight to listen to. I’ve particularly enjoyed her freestyle-format episodes live from the trail. Makes your feel like you’re out there in the woods instead of sitting in rush hour traffic, which is exactly what I want from a podcast. I also LOVE her intro song. It’s stuck in my head often. Absolutely worth subscribing to!

Love. Love.

Look forward to every new recording. I didn’t want the latest one with Teacup to end. Thanks so much.

A great podcast for section hikers

This is a great podcast! I’ve listened to a variety of hiking podcasts, but most are about thru hiking, and I’m not a thru hiker. Sometimes those podcasts just aren’t as interesting. As a section hiker, I like hearing about other section hikers. Jester has different guests from all over the place, so the podcast is also a great place to learn about other trails.

I immediately fell in love with this podcast!

MST! As a transplant to NC from Minnesota, I’ve been fascinated with the MST since I first learned of it. I subscribe to Kate Dixon’s newsletter about the trail and This podcast was mentioned. Jester makes the MST accessible to the average day hiker in her series about the trail.

Leo McGonagle

Really enjoyed listening to the episode with Multiple Tour Combat Veteran Leo! Leo truly loves his Country, hiking in the White Mountains of NH, and the Appalachian Trail! Thank you for your Service Leo!

Love Hiking Along with Jester

I have really enjoyed listening to Jester and learning more about the Mountains To Sea Trail in NC. I also enjoy listening to the crunch of the leaves as she hikes and describes the terrain where she is hiking. Love - Chopper

Great time with Hawk

Just finished listening to your conversation with Hawk. Excellent job. We all love Hawks videos because he’s so genuine. Your interview brought that out even more. Great podcast.


Just love listening to Jester and Company every week . Also I listen every week to the theme song til the end . So fun when you take us along on your adventures! Definitely a five star review.

Best backpacking podcast!

If your getting ready for a backpack trip, listen to this podcast.

Great Resource for Backpackers!

Julie is not only a great interviewer, but she has the skills and knowledge to backup what she talks about on this podcast. Definitely one of the best backpacking podcasts there is for all things stories, gear and downright good entertainment!

Great stories!

This is a joy to listen to while I’ve been stuck working indoors, after most of my hiking plans were thrown off this summer.. makes me feel like I’m out where I want to be 😊👌

Great episode!

What a wonderful episode for this weekend as well as the crazy times going on now. Leo's story is very interesting and what a great guy, thank you for your service Leo. Thanks Julie for the continued excellence in your show.