October 23, 2021

Episode #95 - Jester and Austin

Co-host Austin Wallis joins Jester this week as they share about the "12th Essential", trip planning, and risk assessment.

October 16, 2021

Episode #94 - Jester and Charissa

Jester starts a new adventure this fall by adding co-hosts to the show! Co-host Charissa Hipp joins jester this week as they begin speaking on the topic of the Power of Healing in Nature!

October 09, 2021

Episode #93 - Nancy East

Jester shares with us her recent chat with Nancy East. Nancy shares with us her love for the Smoky Mountains, her recent "mombattical", and why she joined a SAR Team.

October 02, 2021

Episode #92 - Dani Beau

Dani Beau joins Jester this week to share her experiences in Search and Rescue, and her success because of her survival skills on the reality television series Naked and Afraid.

September 25, 2021

Episode #91 - Austin Wallis

Austin Wallis is back on the show with Jester this week to share his "shakedown" hike out on Segment 4 of the MST.

Mountains To Sea Trail

September 18, 2021

Episode #90 - Jennifer Browndorf

Jennifer Browndorf joins Jester this week to chat about her section hiking journey on the Mountains To Sea trail. Tune in as Jennifer shares her strategy for absorbing everything each segment of the MST has to offer.

Mountains To Sea Trail

September 11, 2021

Episode #89 - Danny Bernstein

Danny Bernstein joins Jester for this weeks show! Danny is a lifetime hiker, author of five books, and loves leading hikes for the Carolina Mountain Club.

Mountains To Sea Trail

September 04, 2021

Episode #88 - Kate Dixon

Kate Dixon, Executive Director for the Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail returns to the podcast to share some exciting updates from the Friends of the MST.

Mountains To Sea Trail

August 28, 2021

Episode #87 - Jeff Brewer

Jester shares with us her conversation with Jeff Brewer. Jeff was the first President for The Friends of the Mountains To Sea Trail and has a powerful message of giving back to the trails you love.

Mountains To Sea Trail

August 21, 2021

Episode #86 - "Jester" John Muir Trail (Days 1-5)

Jester summarizes what happened out on the John Muir Trail this summer and gives us a sneak peak on what's coming up this fall.

John Muir Trail (2021)

August 14, 2021

Episode #85 - "Jester" John Muir Trail Resupply

Jester shares with us her strategy for putting together a resupply for the John Muir Trail. This includes a full Itinerary, Resupply Points, and more!

John Muir Trail (2021)

August 07, 2021

Episode #84 - "Jester" John Muir Trail Gear List

John Muir Trail Gear List (Summer 2021)

John Muir Trail (2021)

July 31, 2021

Episode #83 - "Jester" John Muir Trail Logistics

Jester shares her John Muir Trail Logistics. The JMT Permit Process, JMT Maps and Apps, Bear Canisters, and Food Re-supply.

John Muir Trail (2021)

July 24, 2021

Episode #82 - Sally Guyton Fowler & Terri Kidder

Jester shares her talk with Terri Kidder and Sally Guyton Fowler. Terri and Sally share those early moments when the family realized in 2016 PCT Hiker Kris "Sherpa" Fowler might be in trouble.

Kris "Sherpa" Fowler - Missing PCT Hiker

July 17, 2021

Episode #81 - Anna Huthmaker (Mud Butt)

Jester chats with fellow Hiking Radio Network podcaster, Anna Huthmaker (Mud Butt). Anna shares how her hiking journey began in 2003 on the Appalachian Trail which led to the creation of the Trail Dames Organization.

July 10, 2021

Episode #80 - Cori Strathmeyer (Pajama Mama)

Jester is joined by former guest of the show, Cori Strathmeyer. Cori shares with us her recent section hike of the Mason Dixon Trail in PA and more!

July 03, 2021

Episode #79 - Dr. Aaron Pospisil

Jester has a conversation this week with Dr. Aaron Pospisil. Dr. Aaron practices Veterinary Medicine in the State of Ohio and shares his love and passion for getting out and section hiking on the Buckeye Trail.

June 26, 2021

Episode #78 - Maria Wishart & Boots

Jester shares with us this week her conversation with Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee) about training and section hiking with your dog!

June 19, 2021

Episode #77 - Austin Wallis

Tune in as Jester has a chat with Austin Wallis. Austin loves section hiking and adventuring in his home State of North Carolina!

June 12, 2021

Episode #76 - "Jester" Day Hike Gear List (Summer 2021)

Jester shares her updated Day Hike Gear List for Summer 2021. Find out what gear has been replaced, being tested, and Jester's Summer 2021 hiking plans.

Section Hiking Prep Series

June 05, 2021

Episode #75 - Jester, Skunkape, and AJ

Jester attends her first Hammock Hang put on by the Palmetto State Hangers called the Spring Swing. Tune in to hear some tips for beginning Hammockers and more!

May 29, 2021

Episode #74 - Danielle Key (NC Trail Days)

Jester speaks with Danielle Key, NC Trail Days Coordinator. Jester and Danielle talk about all the fun happening the weekend of June 3-6, 2021. Hiking, Paddling, and a low country boil!

May 22, 2021

Episode #73 - Jester and Wheezy Pee (Trail Talk #2)

Jester and Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee) continue to answer more listener questions this week during their hike together in Shenandoah National Park.

May 15, 2021

Episode #72 - Jester and Wheezy Pee (Trail Talk #1)

Jester and Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee) spend some time hiking together in Shenandoah National Park and answer some listener questions!