Dec. 25, 2021

Episode #104 - The 10 Essentials (Part 1)

Episode #104 - The 10 Essentials (Part 1)

Happy Holidays! Jester is back with guest co-host Austin Wallis as they share their 10 Essential Gear items they carry on every hike!

December always seems to be the month that Jester begins to take a look at the calendar and starts to plot and plan her section hiking adventures for the next year. It's also a time when she starts to take a look at her gear, which includes the 10 essential items for each hike. As we all get ready for our upcoming adventures in 2022 Jester brings back guest co-host Austin Wallis to share their specific 10 Essential Gear items.

Jester and Austin discuss the first 5 gear items from The Mountaineers 10 Essentials list which covers Navigation, Headlamp, Sun Protection, First Aid Kit, and Knife. Next week, they'll be back to close out the list with the final 5 items.

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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