Jan. 15, 2022

Episode #107 - Mills Kelly (Grandaddy Spartan)

Episode #107 - Mills Kelly (Grandaddy Spartan)

Host of The Green Tunnel podcast Mills Kelly joins Jester this week as they talk about his 50 plus year journey hiking and learning the history of the Appalachian Trail.

Mills Kelly, host of The Green Tunnel podcast, joins Jester to chat about his journey on the Appalachian Trail that began as a kid in 1971. Mills refers to himself as a lifetime AT Section Hiker and enjoys learning and sharing the history of the AT.

You will hear in their conversation Mills referring to various historical landmarks along the trail and responds to one of Jester's questions with an answer that came from Myron Avery back in 1937.

Mills Kelly is also a historian and College Professor at George Mason University. Mills has taught classes regarding the history of the Appalachian Trail and now produces The Green Tunnel Podcast along with his team at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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Mills Kelly


I'm a college professor and lifetime AT section hiker. I host the Green Tunnel podcast, a show devoted to the history of the Appalachian Trail. I've recently finished a book on the 300-mile section of the AT in Southwestern Virginia that was abandoned in 1952. And for the past 20 years I've been teaching at George Mason University in Virginia.