Feb. 12, 2022

Episode #111 - Dan Durston (Durston Gear)

Jester and repeat co-host Austin Wallis team up to interview, Dan Durston. Dan is the creator of the X-Mid line of tents, the DD40 backpack, and Durston Gear.

Jester and recurring co-host Austin Wallis team up for the first time to interview a guest on the podcast. Jester and Austin welcome Dan Durston, the creator of the X-Mid line of tents, DD40 Backpack, and owner of Durston Gear to the show.

Dan is an avid backpacker having completed the PCT, a Yo-Yo of the Great Divide Trail, held the FKT on the 90 km Stein Traverse, and is the 5x fastest finisher in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open.

Dan shares with us while out hiking he has "a lot of time to think" and he loves "geaking" out on gear and thus the X-Mid line of tents and the DD40 backpack were born. His unique way of using the four principles of design for the creation of his gear has led him to great success, and a community of "gearheads" that love him and his gear. Tune in to hear more from Dan!

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

Video Version Of Interview (Produced by Side Trail Adventures):

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