March 19, 2022

Episode #116 - Sue Bradley (Young Nana)

Episode #116 - Sue Bradley (Young Nana)

Jester welcomes to the podcast this week Sue Bradley or known out on the trails as Young Nana. Sue shares her section hiking journey on the AT and the New England Trail.

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The section hiker spotlight for this episode goes to Sue Bradley, or Young Nana. Sue shares with Jester how her love for the outdoors began with camping as a kid and then in her 40s she discovered the Appalachian Trail and the New England National Scenic Trail. Sue and Jester share a lot of laughs in this one as Sue talks about her first overnight on the AT with her husband, two dogs, and a tent made for children.

Sue has completed a little over 500 hundred miles on the AT and plans to complete her section hike of the New England Trail this year by the end of 2022. Sue has also developed a passion for introducing new people to the trail and how she became involved with the AMC Youth Opportunity Program.

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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