April 2, 2022

Episode #118 - Overcoming Your Hiking Fears

Episode #118 - Overcoming Your Hiking Fears

Jester is back to chat with guest co-host, RVA Hiker Girl about overcoming some of those common fears we all have while out hiking.

RVA Hiker Girl is back this week as a guest co-host with Jester. Their conversation focuses on overcoming your fears when it comes to hiking and backpacking. Jester and RVA share some common fears they have heard out on the trail, their own fears, ways to combat those fears with research and planning, and how to use fear to your advantage.

Jacqueline Holzman, aka RVA Hiker Girl, refers to herself as a visual storyteller and video creator on YouTube. She likes to share her adventures by keeping it real and showing what it's really like out there on the trail and in the great outdoors.

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Jacqueline - RVA Hiker Girl

Guest Co-Host

Nature is not just a place to visit for me…..it's my home. As a visual storyteller and video creator on YouTube, I share my adventurers on my Appalachian Trail section hikes, backpacking, and camping trips. But I always keep it real by showing what it's really like out there on trail and in the great outdoors. The good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly! My hopes are that people will use my channel as both an online resource for research on hikes, as well as inspiration to just get out there, explore and find their wild.