April 16, 2022

Episode #120 - Let's Talk Hammocks

Episode #120 - Let's Talk Hammocks

This week you will enjoy a conversation between Jester and Austin about why they both enjoy using Hammocks. Jester really gets a kick out of some of the hammock life terminology.

Jester and Austin have a great time in this episode talking about hammocks. You all know they both love their Dan Durston X-Mid tents, but also have a love for their hammocks as well. Jester is a new recruit to the hammock world, while Austin has been out many nights with his hammock set up.

There are many new terms in the hammock world and Jester has enjoyed learning about them all from whoopie slings, bug nets, top quilts, bottom quilts, ridgelines, dcf tarps, poly tarps, knots, and hammock styles.

Austin started hammocking with an REI Hammock set up but now seems to love his Warbonnet Ridgerunner, Hammock Gear Tarp, Dutchware Ridgeline Kit, and Easthill Outdoors Dragon Fly.

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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