April 30, 2022

Episode #122 - Jester & Co-Hosts (Austin, Charissa, Jacqueline)

Episode #122 - Jester & Co-Hosts (Austin, Charissa, Jacqueline)

Jester brings together her co-hosts Austin, Charissa, and Jacqueline for a fireside chat on what it's been like to co-host the show the last several months.

Jester recently rallied her co-hosts Austin, Charissa, and Jacqueline for an in-depth fireside chat on what it was like to be a co-host on the podcast for the last several months. Each co-host shares their perspectives on common themes amongst their shows regarding mental health, healing in nature, growth as hikers, giving back to the trails, and various hiking related topics.

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Charissa HippProfile Photo

Charissa Hipp

Guest Co-Host

My passion is connecting people to places both physically, as a nature connection guide, and emotionally, through speaking, writing and marketing. I've worked in the tourism and travel industry for 20+ years as an integrated marketing communications professional, gaining extensive experience in copywriting, marketing and public relations. I specialize in written content for the tourism and outdoor industries and I also provide consulting services to tourism partners. If you want to connect to sell me something, please don’t bother.

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Austin Wallis

Podcast Co-Host

Hiking, paddling, and plenty of fresh air off the beaten path!

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Jacqueline - RVA Hiker Girl

Guest Co-Host

Nature is not just a place to visit for me…..it's my home. As a visual storyteller and video creator on YouTube, I share my adventurers on my Appalachian Trail section hikes, backpacking, and camping trips. But I always keep it real by showing what it's really like out there on trail and in the great outdoors. The good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly! My hopes are that people will use my channel as both an online resource for research on hikes, as well as inspiration to just get out there, explore and find their wild.