May 28, 2022

Episode #126 - Celeste Queen (Retired and Living Life)

Episode #126 - Celeste Queen (Retired and Living Life)

Mountains To Sea Trail section hiker Celeste Queen joins Jester this week as the newest member of "Jester's Class of 2022 Section Hikers". Celeste enjoys being retired and living life!

Jester continues to introduce us to individuals out section hiking in 2022. This week we hear from Celeste Queen, who is retired and living life. Celeste is out section hiking on the Mountains To Sea Trail with no plans of stopping anytime soon! Celeste also leads group hikes for one of the North Carolina Chapters of the Trail Dames. On any given day, you can find Celeste enjoying time on the MST, leading a hike for the Trail Dames, or sharing with others why it's so fun being out on trail!

Thanks for Listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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Celeste Queen

Retiree living the hiking life! Began hiking 3 years ago, after being a couch potato for forever. Hiking has given me the opportunity to exercise without the repetition of a gym, experience the beautiful state of North Carolina, and meet hundreds of amazing people.