June 4, 2022

Episode #127 - Kelly McDonald (Generous Dude)

Episode #127 - Kelly McDonald (Generous Dude)

Jester introduces us to her newest member of Jester's Class of 2022 Section Hikers, Kelly McDonald. Kelly will be section hiking on the Great Divide Trail this coming July 2022!

Jester continues introducing us to her Class of 2022 Section Hikers and this week you hear from Canadian Kelly McDonald or "Generous Dude." Kelly has spent the last 40 years hiking in the Canadian Rockies and working on completing the Great Divide Trail. Kelly is a certified Field Leader Instructor with the Outdoor Council of Canada, a Scouter, and a volunteer with the Great Divide Trail Association. Some of his big hikes over the past few years have been the West Coast Trail, the Teton Crest Trail, and parts of sections A and B of Canada's Great Divide Trail.

Thanks for Listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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Email: kellymcdonald78@gmail.com

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/2guysinthewoods

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCS2D0gMxZUq6r3UBTLXZm2w
Website: https://www.twoguysinthewoods.com/

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Kelly McDonald

Explorer / Dad / Outdoor Enthusiast

I’ve been hiking, camping and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies for over 35 years. Most weekends you’ll find me in the mountains year round. A Field Leader Instructor and Scouter, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others