Aug. 6, 2022

#136 - Julie Breindel-Hill (Geo)

#136 - Julie Breindel-Hill (Geo)

Julie Breindel-Hill shares with Jester this week her plans to complete 500 more miles of the Appalachian Trail this summer as she hikes her way north from Duncannon, PA to Vermont.

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Jester adds another member this week to her class of 2022 section hikers out blazing the trails this year. Julie Breindel-Hill shares with us her plans to section hike roughly 500 miles from Duncannon, PA to Vermont on the Appalachian Trail. Julie loves teaching Math, is a Mom to four children of her own, and was inspired to begin her journey on the AT after giving some hikers a ride in Shenandoah National Park back in 2016.

Thanks for Listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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Julie Breindel-Hill


Started backpacking and hiking in 2017. 52 year old mom of 4, math teacher, wife, lover of nature. Started weekend sections, currently LASHing the AT and have made it up to Duncannon PA. Also section hiking the Florida Trail. Fell in awe with backpacking when I met backpackers in Shenandoah while camping with my family.