Dec. 15, 2019

Episode #2 - Chris Berg and Chris Rondeau (Hurley and Space Bean)

Episode #2 - Chris Berg and Chris Rondeau (Hurley and Space Bean)

A Calling and a Drive

On Episode #2 of the "Jester" Section Hiker Podcast Jester talks with Chris Berg and Chris Rondeau. I think you will find that we all have a lot in common with Chris B. and Chris R. aka Hurley and Space Bean or as I called them in our initial chat Chris #1 and Chris #2.

As you'll hear in their interview they have a lot of heart and a deep passion for the Appalachian Trail.  So far they have completed 300 trail miles from Springer Mountain, GA to Erwin, TN.

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We also hear from Steve Kammeyer as we continue our "Let's Talk Gear" segment of the podcast. Please email Jester your gear questions to be answered on a future episode!

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Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

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