July 11, 2020

Episode #28 - Section Hiking the AT (Days 19 - 25)

Episode #28 - Section Hiking the AT (Days 19 - 25)

It's Steaming!!!

Jester has had another great week section hiking the AT this summer, working on a second completion of the AT!

‪This week Jester had the chance to interview and spend time with “Fresh Ground”, who runs the famous Leap Frog Cafe on the AT.  She also interviews more thru-hikers as they work their way back on trail to continue their dreams of a thru-hike and be part of the unique hiking class of 2020!

‪The heat cranks up and the humidity is high, but that did not stop Wheezy Pee from joining Jester on July 4 for another 20 miler! Big thanks to AlphaGal for joining us for a bit on the 4th as well!!‬

As the heat and humidity continue to rise Jester takes a look at her schedule and adjusts accordingly!  This week ends with a picnic in Harper’s Ferry with Stickbuilt who Jester met in 2012 and she has officially moved beyond VA! ‬
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‪Fresh Ground: https://www.instagram.com/freshgroundleapfrogcafe/
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Demona and Running Bear:

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If you want to see how this week's hike went with Wheezy Pee check out the video over on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mwishart306

Days 19 - 25 Mileage from AT Guide (North).

Mile 970.8 VA 522 to Mile 1024.2 Harper’s Ferry, WV.
Total for the week 53.4.
Total for 25 Days 248.1

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