March 6, 2021

Episode #62 - Section Hiking Prep (Part 1)

Jester brings to you for the month of March a new series of shows focusing on prepping for a Section Hike. Jester also brings back Section Hiker Maria Wishart aka Wheezy Pee to join in on the fun.

Jester is focusing the month of March on a four-part series that is loaded with information on Prepping for a Section Hike. Jester starts off the series with detailed information on Researching, Planning, and Training for your hikes.

Jester also wanted a partner for each of the episodes this month so she is bringing back a familiar voice to the podcast, Maria Wishart or you all know her as Wheezy Pee.

Thanks for Listening and Happy Section Hiking!

Episode #62 - Lesson Plan or Reference Tool:

"Jester" - Hiking Resume:

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Episode #7 - Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee):

Mountains to Sea Trail - Annual Virtual Meeting:
"UnGathering of Friends"

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Maria Wishart (Wheezy Pee)

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