July 3, 2021

Episode #79 - Dr. Aaron Pospisil

Episode #79 - Dr. Aaron Pospisil

Jester has a conversation this week with Dr. Aaron Pospisil. Dr. Aaron practices Veterinary Medicine in the State of Ohio and shares his love and passion for getting out and section hiking on the Buckeye Trail.

Jester shares with us a glimpse into the life of Dr. Aaron Pospisil, who practices Veterinary Medicine in the State of Ohio. Dr. Aaron reached out to Jester and asked if he could share his story on the podcast of how discovering and section hiking the Buckeye Trail literally saved his life. Tune in as Dr. Aaron shares with us the realities of being a Veterinarian, what we can do to support our Veterinarians, and how section hiking the Buckeye a percentage at a time helps him balance his daily routines.

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Dr. Aaron Pospisil

Veterinarian / Buckeye Trail Section Hiker

DVM from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate of The Ohio State University, Buckeye Trail Section Hiker, Podcaster, Father, Husband, and advocate for Not One More Vet.