Sept. 18, 2021

Episode #90 - Jennifer Browndorf

Episode #90 - Jennifer Browndorf

Jennifer Browndorf joins Jester this week to chat about her section hiking journey on the Mountains To Sea trail. Tune in as Jennifer shares her strategy for absorbing everything each segment of the MST has to offer.

Jester welcomes Jennifer Browndorf to the podcast this week. Jennifer has a passion for the Mountains To Sea Trail community and has spent many hours helping build, clean up, and give back to the trail she believes in. In January 2021, she decided it was time to start hiking and completing the entire MST one segment at a time.

Jennifer loves the planning and logistics aspect of her section hikes on the MST as much as the hiking. She wants to make sure she gets in the miles but also take advantage of seeing all the sites, food stops, trail angels, shuttle drivers, and services each segment of the MST has to offer!

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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Jennifer Browndorf (Low Gear)


I am a married mother of two adult children, one boy, and one girl. I live in and love the diverse natural regions of North Carolina. I recently retired as an NC public school educator who now works part-time for the NC State Parks Dept. I am an avid hiker, a self-taught backyard birder, an all things outdoors lover, and (in a past life) a pretty good trail runner. I spend my free time with my dog walking and hiking, meeting up with friends for day hikes, bike rides or pints, learning new stuff from YouTube, planning trips with my husband, and reading. I enjoy volunteering for the Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail as a trail maintainer. I am a lifelong learner that just can’t stop trying out new hobbies like watercolor painting, dehydrating food, and video creation. I am grateful for the full life and rich opportunities that have come my way.