Oct. 2, 2021

Episode #92 - Dani Beau

Episode #92 - Dani Beau

Dani Beau joins Jester this week to share her experiences in Search and Rescue, and her success because of her survival skills on the reality television series Naked and Afraid.

If you enjoy watching reality TV, you might have seen an episode or two of Naked and Afraid. And you may have seen the Naked and Afraid episodes with Jester's guest today, Dani Beau. Not only has Dani been extremely successful on Naked and Afraid, she is also a highly trained and educated in Search and Rescue.


Dani shares with us how she began her career as an EMT, worked in Search and Rescue both in the U.S. and Iceland, and how we as hikers can avoid a search and rescue situation, as well as hypothermia, by being prepared and planning for our hikes.

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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