Oct. 23, 2021

Episode #95 - Trip Planning & Risk Management

Episode #95 - Trip Planning & Risk Management

Co-host Austin Wallis joins Jester this week as they share about the "12th Essential", trip planning, and risk assessment.

Jester continues this week venturing into the realm of having a co-host on the podcast to talk about specific hiker topics. The overall goal with the co-host idea is to have conversations that are educational, informative, and hiking related. As you will hear, Jester and Austin accomplished just that by sharing the idea of the "12th Essential," the P.A.C.E. Trip-Planning Method, and assessing risk management.

If you have a hiker specific topic that you would like to talk about on the show and have an interest in being a co-host please reach out to Jester and let her know via email. You never know what might happen. You just might end up on the show for a few episodes!

Thanks for listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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