Nov. 13, 2021

Episode #98 - Nathan & Kimm Wright (Pinhoti Outdoor Center)

Episode #98 - Nathan & Kimm Wright (Pinhoti Outdoor Center)

Nathan and Kimm Wright with the Pinhoti Outdoor Center join Jester to share updates and Nathan's completion of a 19 Year AT Section Hike.

There is not a dull moment on the podcast this week as Jester shares with us her recent conversation with Nathan and Kimm Wright. Nathan and Kimm are with the Pinhoti Outdoor Center in Sylacauga, AL. If you have any interest in hiking or learning more about the Pinhoti Trail, Nathan and Kimm are who you want to contact!

Nathan and Kimm also share with us their account of Nathan's final 100 miles to complete his 19-year AT section hike. Kimm shares her perspective of being support and Nathan shares what it was like to spend his final miles on the AT with his dear friend and mentor, Nimblewill Nomad.

Thanks for listening, be safe out there, and Happy Section Hiking!

Episode #11 - Nathan and Kimm Wright:

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