Oct. 4, 2018

Episode #107 - Deanna McGregor (Mary Poppins)

Episode #107 - Deanna McGregor (Mary Poppins)

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe......

This is a kind of crossover episode that keeps many of the "usual" parts of the Mighty Blue show but incorporates and transitions us over to the Camino show. Deanna McGregor hiked the Camino in 2017 as a truly spiritual experience and returned this year with her sons, 12-year-old Daniel and 16-year-old Jonathan.

We speak twice with Deanna; once prior to her setting out, when she tells us about her evolution as a hiker and her experiences on the Camino last year.

Once she had returned from this year's trip we caught up with her again as she reflected upon how the journey with her two boys had transpired. Needless to say, there were significant differences.

You can follow this year's hike with Deanna on her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/LupeShoes

Also on the show, we have Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue. I'd originally intended to interview somebody about insurance available to hikers, as I'm aware that this is a regular topic of discussion for some people. Dan turned out to easily cover that base, even though he isn't an insurance guy. What Global Rescue do turned out to be far more interesting than just boring old insurance. Check out the website at https://www.globalrescue.com/