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A Must Listen

Steve Adams (“Mighty Blue”) is a must listen of you’re at all interested in the hiking community in general and/or the Appalachian Trail in particular. His inciteful questions draw-out the guests and make each show something truly special! Plus, he has a cool accent!

The One

Exactly what I was looking for. AT and beyond. Tips and tricks! Perfect balance of history, tips, and host/guest experiences.

From the Beginning to Episode 168

This podcast has gotten me through physical therapy for knee issues, dog walks, meal cooking and dish washing. I’ll keep going now as I attempt to prepare for a section hike of the Foothills Trail this fall with my husband. We are just a few years years you get than Mighty Blue, and this podcast ha…

Best electronic discussion for hiking I’ve ever heard

If your a hiker you got to listen to this podcast

Well done

Great podcast. I listen when I hike! Not the AT that’s too long. But I dig this podcast!

Well done Ryan!

Great job Ryan. I look forward to your input. As always, a great show. I look forward to this each week. Thanks Mighty Blue for providing a great transition!

A little hooked....

A friend encouraged me to listen in and I’ve been hooked for about 6 months. Look forward to each week! I got to share a story with Steve aka Mighty Blue and it was a lot of fun. Enjoy listening in my car!

Love this podcast!

I just discovered Steve’s podcast and I’ve treated like a new show I love on Netflix and binge “watched”! I’m up to episode 7 in 24 hours! I’m inspired - retiring next year at age 58 and have long dreamed of this adventure and the stories and tips have convinced me I can do this! Thanks Steve! So g…

The Usher

Mighty Blue is quite simply the best at his craft. Appreciate his wisdom and graciousness, even under the critique of S.M.’s pontificating

Like having a conversation with a friend

I’ve been going back and listening to Mighty Blue’s 2019 thru hike episodes and it’s such a treat. He is honest and thorough and interviews some super interesting people. You feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Thankful for this amazing podcast!

Mighty fine podcast

I'm in the process of listening to the entire catalogue of episodes. Though I'm only a quarter of the way through them, I can't say enough as to how enjoyable I'm finding this podcast. Mighty Blue and his guests are engaging and all share that same passion for the AT that draws the listener in. The…

Mighty Blue Steve Adams

Great podcast, reconnects me with the AT!!Steve has wonderful guests and asks the best questions!

Love this guy

Great podcast. He does a fantastic job with it. Well worth the time to listen

“Carpe Diem”

I discovered your podcasts by accident while doing a training hike for section hikes of the AT. Ironically I listened as I was going up my steepest climb of the day and you were talking about how strenuous hiking the AT was. You give real world explanations of the physical, mental and financial cos…

Wonderful anecdotal stories

I have only begun to listen to Steve’s story and interviews. As an aspiring thru hiker and a near member of AARP, I appreciate his candor and humor at tackling this tremendous feat. Looking forward to lots of hours being inspired and educated to take my first step on the trail. Thanks, Steve.

Great podcast centered on hiking but not only about hiking

This is a podcast about people and stories. Mighty Blue, the host, is just a nice and engaging guy. He also seems like an interesting guy who has a talent for finding the interesting aspects of anyone’s life. I don’t think that this is a podcast about hiking in so much as it is a podcast about th…

Excited to listen each week

Mighty Blue does a great job engaging his guests. I have been keeping up with the current episodes and going back to the beginning and catching up the older shows in chronological order so that I can listen to the reading at the end of each show and can follow where he is at on a map. The stories a…

Inspiration for my first section

I’ve been a regular listener for a few years now, but just finished my first section of the AT. I wouldn’t have done it without listening to this podcast every week. Thank you Steve (and guests) for making the trail approachable. I’m a middle aged mom with a sense of adventure and listening to your…

Very Well Done But Maybe Split Episodes

I love your podcasts but I do wish the interviews were separate episodes from your book. I understand having them combined but I get into different moods where I’ll very much want to listen to your interviews or solely listen to your book. That’s just my thought. Overall though, I really enjoy your…

Best podcast out there

I don’t hike and I’m not an outdoors person, but this podcast has inspired me. The interviews, mixed with the book readings are terrific. Mighty Blue, a best-selling author, delivers a podcast that can’t be beat. And that voice. It was made for radio. You have converted this listener.

I was mighty blue before I discovered Mighty Blue!

My grown kids kept hassling me to find some podcasts to enjoy while driving and while sitting on the couch. I tried a few times but nothing clicked—this one was boring, that one’s main speaker had a voice that grated on my nerves, the other ones sounded good but after listening for a few minutes, I…

An Artist at work

Timely information, made timeless by its emotional and personal connection that we can ALL identify with! Steve is a master at this. As I have listened to many shows, this is the common denominator. The middle section of episode 216 is a great example of this!! Please take a listen.

Vicarious Hiking & Skillfull Interviewing

I'm very impressed with this podcast. Mighty Blue has outstanding interview skills and brings out the humanity and psyche of each hiker. He has fun while doing so and has fun alongside his guests. While many podcasts about hiking gravitate to gear and technique, Steve brings out the WHY from each g…

Coronavirus episode

Appreciate the interview with the public health educator. But please stop pretending thruhiking this season is a matter of personal choice. This is a public health emergency and the president is asking everyone to stay home. Hikers might stay safer in the woods, as you keep saying, but that’s only …

MB will get me to Katadin

Love the show. Always informative, always entertaining. Steve interviews lots of interesting hikers and others who know the trail with is unique British wit & charm. I am making plans to do an AT Thru hike in 2021. I have no doubt Mighty Blue is helping me to get to Springer Mt for the start and w…

This is the best!!

I am one of many who aspire to do a thru hike but I have to admit I know nothing about hiking other than reading books on other thru hikers. This podcast answers so many questions and relieves a lot of my fears of the unknown. I’m only on episode 10 of season 1 but I am hooked. The worst thing ab…

Every Episode is Exciting

As an aspiring thru hiker without time in my life right now, listening to Steve and the guests’ stories take me to another world and I feel like I’m hiking alongside with them. I love listening to them on my long runs or when I’m out hiking. I live how every episode is different and exciting and he…

Helping me along

This is my absolute favorite podcast! I drive a truck and sometimes this is as close as I get to any trail. I may have to wait until I retire but this show keeps me going. I have to admit that I feel that it gives me “pre-Trail” depression at times…I want to be out on the AT/PCT/CDT and get a littl…

Bruce doing a through hike on the AT

I am a first time listener to your show. I have backpack for mini years. Thank you for the tip on the food and gear it’s really helpful. I love the show keep up the good work.

Love the stories - but quick thought- do you have to be crazy to go?

Loving the stories, but a quick thought was all the people you have interviewed (so far) are just divorced or about to get divorced, have PTSD, or are getting over abuse! These are interesting stories to hear, but If I do the trail I hope there are some people who are not in an ‘unstable emotional …

Love this show

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to while on the trail! Thanks for all you do!

Love the show!

Hey there, another Horse radio network listener that discovered your podcast via HRN. I’m hooked!

Gearing up

Mighty Blue- you’re awesome. My friend and I are preparing for our first ever backpacking section hike of the AT, and in researching I discovered your podcast. I’ve been listening for about 12 weeks and I’m up to episode 132. Can’t wait to get all caught up. We head out in September 2019 to begin i…

I'm hooked!

Even if I never get the chance to hike the AT I feel as though I have hiked it vicariously through Mighty Blue and his cast of characters. Love the show....I look forward to it every week! And don’t ever change the music!!! Thanks MB!

Amazing Show.

If you enjoy hiking you will love this podcast. The stories you hear will have you looking forward to new episodes and sad when they end.


Well, Mighty Blue, I’m not sure if I should feel elated or distraught. You see, I discovered your podcast last fall and after listening to them one after the other - I’m finally caught up! I’ve loved listening since episode one and it’s going to be hard to wait a week between podcasts. I wanted t…


Great podcasts, keep them coming!

Right! Extraordinary!

I’ve been binge listening to the podcast as I’m prepping to attempt a 70 day NOBO this summer. Steve’s guests span the wide array of hikers and their unique approach to the trail. Really hoping to meet Steve somewhere up the trail this year. His British catchphrases are a nice touch!

Keep and walking and talking Mighty Blue!

Tons of information and trail stories that keep me coming back every week!

Informative, entertaining, and important.

Steve. Thanks for the consistently excellent podcast. It’s informative, entertaining, and important for anyone thru-hiking or backpacking even for just a few days. I was intrigued by the discussion with Suzanne Dixon of the ATC. Suzanne mentioned there are many good independent videos but also so…

Information, Inspiration, and Intrepidity for Thru Hikers!

A well done, and eminently listenable podcast by an Appalachia Trail thru hiker, aimed at all hikers and hiking aspirants. I find it amazing that the host, Steve Adams, an evuncular Brit, wasn't a professional radio host in the past. He gets the best out of each guest, with his casual manner and se…

Best of the hiking pods

I've looked and looked for podcasts on the AT and hiking/backpacking in general - Mighty Blue's is definitely the best out there. Most others are lucky to keep me through even one episode as the hosts are just looking for the chance to relive their own hike. Steve certainly recounts his own experi…

It's as if I'm there!

I thoroughly enjoy Mighty Blue's podcast. I'm a year into planning for my own thru-hike with another year to go. The anticipation is driving me crazy but Steve's podcast keeps me sane by giving me gear tips and educational stories to make the time productive. Its excellent for planning, learning or…

Retirement goal!

I’ll never forget my summer reading project when I was 15. As Far As The Eye Can See was my first glimpse into the AT and I haven’t forgotten it. As I approach my 29th birthday, my fascination with the trail has only been fueled by the more books and thru hiker experiences I read and take in. Not o…


I have listened to every one of your shows...most when I am doing long Sunday training routes as I prepare for the TMB this summer. You inspired me to do 5 guided days on the AT this past year in NC and loved it. I plan to do the AT in a few years after I sell my company. Until then, I am plann…

Fantastic Podcast

Discovered your podcast on the Facebook Appalachian Trail Hikers 2019 page a couple weeks ago. I throughly enjoy listening to this podcast and can’t wait to catch up to the current episode. Keep up the good work Mighty Blue.

love it

Thanks this is such an awesome podcast. I have been listening almost non stop. I have always wanted to do this hike and I think you have inspired me to start planning it.

Nailed it!

I’ve been living in Hawaii for 5 years now and while it truly is a paradise (complete with daring hikes and epic views)... I DO get homesick for hikes back on the mainland. Mighty Blue + guests do a great job of keeping me company on my morning and afternoon commute across the island. I love eve…

Enjoying the Camino

I am very much enjoying hearing about your walk on the Camino keep up the good work and i wish you to a successful hike.

Keep up the good work

Just bought my first backpack and this show is really keeping me inspired. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest, I’m only on episode 20 but I’m hooked. Steve is a natural podcaster.

Listening While Hiking

I love listening to Mighty Blue while I go on my weekly hikes through Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. It's a little mountian haven right in the heart of the city, but listening to this podcast has me day dreaming that someday I'll get to "hike my own hike" on a long distance trail.

Fantastic Podcast!!!

Candid, funny, educational, unique and perfect to listen on a daily walk or hike. Steve’s passion for hiking combined with his sense of humor makes it a “must listen” podcast.

Great motivation

I’ve been listening to this podcast almost from the beginning. I used to listen to them early Thursday mornings at the gym but now save them for my long drives to the trail. They help motivate me for the hike ahead and are a great way to pass the time. Glad to hear Mighty Blue is returning to the A…

Happy to find new episodes!

As a LASH Section Hiker in 2014/2015 have really enjoyed Steve's podcasts. For some reason his podcasts stopped updating several months back and I was disappointed to think that the podcasts had come to end. Really enjoy the wide range of hiker interviews, book readings - keep up the great work!!

Congratulations on your 100th episode

Hi Steve, Congratulations on your 100th episode. Not long ago (episode #77) I discovered your podcast on iTunes, since then I am a regular listener. Every Thursday, I eagerly wait for your podcast to appear in my phone and every Monday for the RTK podcast. You and your guests are doing an awesom…

Great for thru-hike preppers!

I’ve listened through this catalogue and there is a lot of great information and a lot of opportunities to learn from hikers from all walks of life! I’m a senior in college and I plan on flipflopping the AT after graduation in May. I recommend this show even for people who are “not-yet” hikers. I s…

Great content, even better life lessons

I recently picked up a love for hiking with my dad and we decided to section hike the AT over the next few years. I have loved listening to this podcast not only because of the subject matter, but also his personal story. He indirectly teaches a lesson that my grandpa taught me through example: It …

Motivating, fun and addictive!

Mighty Blue! I discovered your podcast upon my return from a failed 4 day sojourn with my friend who is through hiking right now... I was terribly unprepared with a pack that didn't fit and lack of rain gear (for me and the pack)... lessons learned and upon my return I discovered your podcast (the …

Awesome show

I am a Florida Park Ranger. I would love to hike the AT trail one day! Your show helps the day go better when I’m doing my routine work choirs. Just wanted to let you know Florida does have some elevation change. You should come hike Torreya State Park some time in North Florida. Many people use th…

Outstanding Podcast

I love this podcast. I’m an aspiring thru hiker (2020) and I love to hear the stories and conversations with Mighty Blue and his guest. I feel Steve does an excellent job with capturing the spirit of the trail and giving us at home a little taste of it in audio form. Great job! Thank you. And keep …

Great job

Great job. My favorite podcast. Great conversations and info. Thank you !

The best!

Hands down my favorite podcast! Thank you Steve!

Great podcast!

Been listening all along to Mighty Blue/Steve and all his guests. Been a fascinating ride to live their stories while on the AT. Planning a thru hike in 2019 so this podcast has been extremely valuable as a training tool. Well done!


I am not a hiker but thoroughly enjoy listening every week! Keep on keeping on!

Makes me want to Hike again!

I've listened to plenty of podcasts over the past 20 years and although I'm partial to this one, having hiked the AT, this is simply superlative. His voice, sense of humor, laugh and wonderful storytelling make this my go to podcast when out walking each day. If someone wants to hike the AT, this …

Living vicariously through you.

I lived in the Winchester VA area when I was a teen and hiked about every trail in the area. It was always my dream to do the Appalachian, but I moved to Raleigh and then had 4 back surgeries. Now, even small walks are sometimes rough, but I still have hope that with treatment like stem cells, I wi…

Thanks Steve

I finally got caught up with every episode! Great job Steve. I will be doing my first section hike of he AT in two weeks and it is in large part because of your show. I’m even going to bring along some trailtopia adventure food with me! Keep up the great work!

Love Hiking the AT While Listening

I am currently attempting a 2018 AT Thru Hike attempt (Started 3/15/18). Currently Slayed the Dragon (Tooth), Eating at the Home-place and staying at Four Pines. Having a blast, but when the uphill starts to get to me, I click on your Podcast and find instant inspiration. Love returning to Katah…


Thanks to you and your podcast, I have now kayak camped twice within three weeks! And plan on backpack camping this weekend. I just started kayaking and hiking last summer. But was to scared to camp by my self. I no longer have that problem, in fact I was never even scared on my first night out. …

Enjoyment to the Max!!

Steve- I have to tell you just how much I enjoy your program. I'm a number of episodes back, but at this rate I will be caught up soon. Want you to know that your English Wit and humor are definitely a big plus. You are very easy to listen to. Almost like I am hiking down the trail, on a da…

Very Fun And Informative

Really enjoy this podcast. I’m not sure if it’s the British accent, or if it’s because I’m an older guy who wants to hike the AT, but this is a delightful show!

I needed this!

I'm very close to the same age as Steve, yet if I did the AT next year, I'd be just a few years older than him when he thru-hiked. I LOVE hearing his dilemma of midnight trips into the woods to empty an aging bladder, as I know I'LL be facing the same concerns. Nice to know I won't be the first to …

Absolutely Delightful

What a treat to listen to Steve tell not only his fascinating story but also to allow so many wonderful people who have hiked this magnificent trail to tell theirs. I thoroughly enjoy each episode and I highly recommend them to anyone who is at all interested in the Appalachian Trail.

Great Show ! Really Enjoyable adventure.

Mighty Blue. I am hooked to the show. Currently on episode 15 and can't wait for the 60 odd more. Really entertaining, informative, and educational. Enjoy your perspectives on the AT as well as the journey of all your guests on the show. Great show !


I’ve just discovered you’re podcast recently and I’m currently on episode 28. Over the past month or so I’ve become infatuated with the AT. I love daydreaming of hiking while I’m driving to and from work. I absolutely love it! It gives me inspiration for the day that I finally get to take my first…

Content is real to life

It is refreshing to hear a podcast where folks are just regular people, and not portrayed as super hikers. I am one of the older 60 plus crowd and have had thoughts of hiking the AT for decades now. You do a good job of discussing the issues with leaving family and what it takes to do that. That is…

Fun, Informative and Inspring

Mighty Blue has the mix of good humor, knowledge, and passion that makes for a fun, informatinve and inspiring podcast. Lots of guests, good interviews and side features to mxx things up. It's geared toward the AT but anyone who enjoys, or is thinking about, hiking, will get something from it. O…

Awesome info for AT hikers

What a discovery!! One of my fellow section hiking buddies turned me on to this podcast….he had been keeping up with Kyle Rohrig and wanted me to listen to that specific episode. I listened to that one and was immediately hooked….and have since listened to every podcast since that one, as well as g…

Fantastic Podcast for all types of Hikers

I found this podcast while planning my section hike 2 months ago. I have since listened to every episode up to current. Steve has now become the voice in my head when I think about hiking. I think I have post podcast archive depression now that I have to wait for each episode every week. But I'll …

Great Source Of Information

I found this podcast through watching Dixie on YouTube & after listening to her episodes I started from the beginning & was immediately hooked. I especially like the book reading at the end of episodes.

Good show, could be great

I really like the show. I’m on episode 44 and plan to catch up binging at work. Only two things bother me; sound quality and the over used or fake laugh. Steve really struggles with sound issues and it hurts the flow of the show. He also laughs entirely too much, and it doesn’t sound sincere. …

Great Show

Always enjoy his show. The new expansion with the Dr and new/old book reading keeps me intrested. I will be looking up his new podcast.

Very insightful

I am planning on completing my thru hike of the AR this coming 2018 starting in March. This podcast has helped prepare me for the big trek. Thank you for putting these out here!

Enjoying learning more

My husband and I have a goal to thru hike one of the long trails in the US on our bucket list. I really enjoy listening to this podcast and “Returning to Katadhin.” Regularly. I especially enjoy Steve’s enthusiasm and the interviews he has with hikers. My husband and I regularly text each other…

What a great podcast! Entertaining and informative!

I am an AT section hiker who has already done Katahdin. Steve has been gracious enough to share information about the JMT, which we will be hiking 30 miles of plus Mount Whitney and eight months. I have learned a great deal from this podcast and I have literally changed many of my hiking habits an…

Patiently waiting...

I’ll be 49 in 2025 when I’m finally able to get out on the trail. So now, I live through this wonderful podcast and day hikes in New Hampshire. Each new episode has me whistling along with the intro music and always disappointed when the podcast is over. Love the many stories and most importantly t…

Great show

I’ve listened to every episode and now the new podcast. Every week I look forward to a reason to drive at work to listen to the latest installment. Mighty Blue finds a way to explore new perspectives and capture my imagination. For 42 of my 50 years the trail has been lurking through my mind, I …


Steve, I found your podcast several months ago and have listened to them all. I am now "caught up." An AT adventure has long been on my bucket list, but my date with Springer is realistically a few years away. In the meantime your conversations give me both inspiration and technical information.…

Truly inspirational podcast!

Hey mighty blue love the podcast! My friend told me about the Appalachian trail about 4 months ago and I have been obsessed ever sense. I then found your podcast and have finally caught up to your current episode. I wanted to do the AT Sense she told me though I had my doubts that I will be able t…

Great medical advice added

Some of us (me) ignore the need for medical knowledge on the AT. The addition of sensible medical advice to this podcast is invaluable. Thank you Mighty Blue for this much overlooked topic.

Great show!

I love following Mighty Blue! His interviews are engaging and do a wonderful job of illustrating life on the trail. Thanks for proving us all with great content to listen to.

The shows interviews

So much fun getting to hear all the stories!

Thank you

Mighty Blue, I love your podcast and thanks for all that you have done in bringing your stories and the stories of others for us to enjoy. I am 43 and plan to attempt a thru hike when I am 54 as my kids finish college. Born and raised in GA, I have dreamed of a thru hike since I was in my mid tee…

Great Escape...

I just recently found Steve's podcast as I contemplate a hike of the AT in the next couple of years. I thoroughly enjoy Steve's easy delivery and story telling. It is such a great escape as I'm chained to my desk at work. His vivid descriptions of the trail and characters he meets keeps me coming …

Wisconsin Hiker

I just wanted to say thank you for beinggreat entertainmentl during hikes and shuttles. I'm Hiking the Ice Age Trail for the 4th time! You should come up to Wisconsin for a hike on the IAT and Join Jessa for a few miles!

My work companion

Steve’s podcast has been a regular companion for me while I’m at work! The stories of “trail magic” are incredible. Though an AT hike is still several years away for me, this podcast has inspired me to attempt the Katy Trail in segments, which is a local 250 mile trail in Missouri. If you are consi…

Great podcast

I really appreciate this podcast. I hopefully will have a story of my own some day. Thank you.

Thoughtful Interviews, Consistent Releases

Grateful for the time and focus taken to prepare these episodes. Even if not intrigued by the the AT the stories are most enjoyable.

Great Pod

I've now binged ALL episodes ... love the variety within the pod (interviews, chapters from Steve's book), but bottom line it just puts me in a great hiking mood when driving to a trailhead and driving home (I'm an avid section hiker), makes me look fwd to the adventures that lie ahead, great job!

Love, Love, Love this podcast!

The podcast is very informative and entertaining. Mighty Blue does a wonderful job of sharing his own experiences on the trail as well as carefully selecting experienced guest hikers to share their stories, tips, and advice. You won't be disappointed with this podcast. Thank you Mighty Blue fo…