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My Favorite Podcast

What a well done show! Steve is so well prepared and engaging. He could cary a show on any topic, I believe. I’m glad he chose the AT and hiking - very inspiring and encouraging.

A great, informative listen!

Whether you’re a rabid thru hiker or just a day hiker in your own mind, Steve’s show is a great listen. He has a wide variety of hikers and gear suppliers as guests, and provides ideas and options for your outdoor and trail life. His self-effacing presentation is entertaining and gives you the feeling that if you can hike 200 yards without requiring a hit of oxygen, you can thru hike as well. Cheers!

Episode #316 - Ken Good ((PTL)

Thanks Mighty Blue for the opportunity to talk with you about my 2020 AT Thru Hike! It is an honor to be on your show. Hope your hike is going well! PTL!

Sheltowee Trace Episode

Great interview with our worthy leader, Trail Dust. Much love from the first 2 women in 2012, “Laverne and Shirley”.

Great podcast

I like all the experienced hiking stories.


Steve brings his British charm and wit to this wonderful podcast. I don’t miss an episode!

The Usher

Thanks for the wonderful and fun programs

Fantasy hiker

Many many many, years ago I read a book about the Appalachian trail. I had a desire to hike it but life got in the way & time passed. Now at 77 with frail bones it isn’t possible. But I do love listening to you & your guest. Karen


This is one of the first podcasts I found when I was researching hiking the trail. I grew up hiking the New Hampshire main part of the trail never thought I do the whole thing. Now that I’m close to retirement I’m getting ready to do it. These podcasts our inspiration for us OG’s

Great Listen Even For Non-Hikers

The stories, accomplishments, and struggles of the hikers interviewed are often inspiring, funny, and insightful. Steve, the host, is thoughtful in his interviews and makes each of them interesting. While I don’t hike, I never miss a show. Recently, I found his Hiking Radio Network and have started to listen to one of the women hiker hosts. Great stuff.

A Must Listen

Steve Adams (“Mighty Blue”) is a must listen of you’re at all interested in the hiking community in general and/or the Appalachian Trail in particular. His inciteful questions draw-out the guests and make each show something truly special! Plus, he has a cool accent!

The One

Exactly what I was looking for. AT and beyond. Tips and tricks! Perfect balance of history, tips, and host/guest experiences.

From the Beginning to Episode 168

This podcast has gotten me through physical therapy for knee issues, dog walks, meal cooking and dish washing. I’ll keep going now as I attempt to prepare for a section hike of the Foothills Trail this fall with my husband. We are just a few years years you get than Mighty Blue, and this podcast has encouraged me to reach for some more backpacking adventures! Thank you, MB!

Best electronic discussion for hiking I’ve ever heard

If your a hiker you got to listen to this podcast

Well done

Great podcast. I listen when I hike! Not the AT that’s too long. But I dig this podcast!

Well done Ryan!

Great job Ryan. I look forward to your input. As always, a great show. I look forward to this each week. Thanks Mighty Blue for providing a great transition!

A little hooked....

A friend encouraged me to listen in and I’ve been hooked for about 6 months. Look forward to each week! I got to share a story with Steve aka Mighty Blue and it was a lot of fun. Enjoy listening in my car!

Love this podcast!

I just discovered Steve’s podcast and I’ve treated like a new show I love on Netflix and binge “watched”! I’m up to episode 7 in 24 hours! I’m inspired - retiring next year at age 58 and have long dreamed of this adventure and the stories and tips have convinced me I can do this! Thanks Steve! So glad there are so many episode to listen to and enjoying the book mixed in VERY much!

The Usher

Mighty Blue is quite simply the best at his craft. Appreciate his wisdom and graciousness, even under the critique of S.M.’s pontificating

Like having a conversation with a friend

I’ve been going back and listening to Mighty Blue’s 2019 thru hike episodes and it’s such a treat. He is honest and thorough and interviews some super interesting people. You feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Thankful for this amazing podcast!

Mighty fine podcast

I'm in the process of listening to the entire catalogue of episodes. Though I'm only a quarter of the way through them, I can't say enough as to how enjoyable I'm finding this podcast. Mighty Blue and his guests are engaging and all share that same passion for the AT that draws the listener in. There's no point in waiting to finish all of the episodes to give this podcast the rating it deserves. Thanks for inspiring all of us future NOBOS and SOBOS.

Mighty Blue Steve Adams

Great podcast, reconnects me with the AT!!Steve has wonderful guests and asks the best questions!

Love this guy

Great podcast. He does a fantastic job with it. Well worth the time to listen

“Carpe Diem”

I discovered your podcasts by accident while doing a training hike for section hikes of the AT. Ironically I listened as I was going up my steepest climb of the day and you were talking about how strenuous hiking the AT was. You give real world explanations of the physical, mental and financial costs of the AT. I and others appreciate that. Your experience and willingness to pass on knowledge is invaluable to someone like me contemplating a through hike. Thanks again...trail name “off-road”

Wonderful anecdotal stories

I have only begun to listen to Steve’s story and interviews. As an aspiring thru hiker and a near member of AARP, I appreciate his candor and humor at tackling this tremendous feat. Looking forward to lots of hours being inspired and educated to take my first step on the trail. Thanks, Steve.

Great podcast centered on hiking but not only about hiking

This is a podcast about people and stories. Mighty Blue, the host, is just a nice and engaging guy. He also seems like an interesting guy who has a talent for finding the interesting aspects of anyone’s life. I don’t think that this is a podcast about hiking in so much as it is a podcast about the people who enjoy hiking. The two are not entirely separable, but on the spectrum this is much more person focused than trail focused, and the host does is wonderful at engaging people.

Excited to listen each week

Mighty Blue does a great job engaging his guests. I have been keeping up with the current episodes and going back to the beginning and catching up the older shows in chronological order so that I can listen to the reading at the end of each show and can follow where he is at on a map. The stories and info he pulls from his interviews builds my desire to get out and hike locally, encouraging a goal to eventually hike the AT. Keep up the great work!

Inspiration for my first section

I’ve been a regular listener for a few years now, but just finished my first section of the AT. I wouldn’t have done it without listening to this podcast every week. Thank you Steve (and guests) for making the trail approachable. I’m a middle aged mom with a sense of adventure and listening to your honest wires from the trail gave me confidence to give it a go. Love listening and can’t wait to see what’s next for you. ❤️

Very Well Done But Maybe Split Episodes

I love your podcasts but I do wish the interviews were separate episodes from your book. I understand having them combined but I get into different moods where I’ll very much want to listen to your interviews or solely listen to your book. That’s just my thought. Overall though, I really enjoy your podcast and appreciate all the hard work you put into making it 🙂

Best podcast out there

I don’t hike and I’m not an outdoors person, but this podcast has inspired me. The interviews, mixed with the book readings are terrific. Mighty Blue, a best-selling author, delivers a podcast that can’t be beat. And that voice. It was made for radio. You have converted this listener.