Jan. 9, 2020

Episode #200 - Sara Spittel (Cushy Life)

Episode #200 - Sara Spittel (Cushy Life)

In Cushy Range

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I've met many extraordinary women on the trail but few who have left as deep an impression as Sara Spittel, or Cushy Life. Cushy was the Queen Bee of our little tramily in 2019, with both Trigger and me in supporting roles. Cushy displays an empathetic nature, showing concern for everybody she met on the trail–often to Trigger's and my mock annoyance!! She is ever curious and willing to strike up a conversation with pretty much every hiker she meets.

But we weren't going to finish with Cushy. She had other adventures and partners than us. Despite that, however, we were delighted to catch up with her again in New Hampshire to share her joy at being in her home state.

I thought I knew quite a bit about her, after our long conversations on the trail, yet she surprised me a few times in this conversation.

Adam Stanley, or Stanimal, owns two hostels; one in Glasgow and one in Waynesboro. I stayed at both, so it was fun to catch up with Adam as we talked about his great little hostels.

Finally, for this 200th episode, Paul Stutzman's book, Hiking Through, has reached the New England states.