Jan. 30, 2020

Episode #203 - Neville Harris of Woods Hole Hostel

Episode #203 - Neville Harris of Woods Hole Hostel

A history and a visceral journey

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We're almost at the end of my series on hostels, so Neville Harris, the owner of my favorite hostel on the trail, Woods Hole, was a great person to chat with. The interview took me in an entirely unexpected direction, but it revealed Neville to be a true AT character, flaws and all.

You can learn more about the hostel by visiting http://woodsholehostel.com/

Neville's photos by Lisa VonLuehrte. Find Lisa on Instagram at


We also spoke with Matthew "Odie" Norman in advance of the publication of his much-awaited Hiker Year Book for 2019. It is particularly much-awaited by yours truly, as I'll be in it, having missed out on the 2014 edition!!

Check out Odie's page at https://hikeryearbook.com/

And we introduced you to Hiker Medals, who you can learn about at https://www.hikermedals.com/. Thanks so much for the support, guys. Check out my own medal, below.

Finally, Paul Stutzman has reached the last two states, normally the crowning glory of a northbound hike. Yet Paul's experience turned out to be a very soggy time indeed.