April 30, 2020

Episode #216 - Steve Ortiz (Survivor)

Episode #216 - Steve Ortiz (Survivor)

Boxcar boy

This week, our guest is a listener who is also a LASHer, a long-ass section hiker. His name is Steve Ortiz or Survivor. His trail name gives away that the mere fact that he is hiking the Appalachian Trail in sections is a blessing in itself.

A cancer diagnosis has not slowed down this self-confessed adventurer and, while he regrets that he has to stay off the trail during the current crisis, he is itching to get back out there to complete his goal.

If you'd like to keep up with Steve, take a look at his blog; it has some glorious trail pictures. You can find it at https://www.a-bucket-list-of-adventures.com/

My special guest for the middle section is a surprise, though it is a very personal conversation with somebody who has occupied a lot of my thoughts in April.

Finally, Grandma Gatewood is in New England, just as a hurricane is slamming its way towards her!

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