May 21, 2020

Episode #219 - Natalie Wood and Grady Thompson (Togs and Lucky)

Episode #219 - Natalie Wood and Grady Thompson (Togs and Lucky)

Lucky in Love

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This week's guests met as members of the Class of 2019–my year, even though we never met–and they have been together pretty much ever since.

Natalie and Grady both left a little earlier than I did and had a terrific tramily. It was Catmando, one of their tramily and a listener to the show, who pointed me in their direction.

Natalie and Grady's story brings out the diversity of opportunity on the trail and each reflects upon how lucky they were not only to meet one another but that they chose 2019 and not 2020 for their trip.

Natalie has a beautiful AT video which she did entirely in verse, so check that out here.

Kate Stillwell, in defiance of ATC directives, keeps moving forward and is already over 100 miles into her hike. We caught up on Tuesday.

After chatting with Kate, I received an email from ATC who clarified their continued guidance about trail closures. I read this email on the show for the benefit of listeners.

Finally, Grandma Gatewood's ordeal is over. No, not her hike, her marriage.

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Music for the "A Woman of a Certain Age" segment is by permission of Kate's friend, John Jensen. You can see and hear it in full on YouTube at

Thanks, John.