June 25, 2020

Episode #224 - JC Van Etten (Catmando)

Episode #224 - JC Van Etten (Catmando)

Sticking together

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This week, we have JC Van Etten, or Catmando. Not only did JC recently win our six-book giveaway, but he was also part of the very tight "tramily" that Togs and Lucky referred to a few weeks ago. I wanted to hear JC's side of the story and, as I'd anticipated, he brought his own slant to the journey that they all shared.

JC retired early from work and hopes to fill his retirement with further adventures, though the Appalachian Trail was the fulfillment of a dream many years in the making.

As part of this dream, JC raised money for a charity close to his heart, Paws of War. You can learn more about them at their website, https://pawsofwar.org/contact-florida-chapter

on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PawsofwarFlorida/

and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/pawsofwarflorida/


Kate, or "Phoenix," has had a tough few days and is pushing on in the heat of Connecticut after a zero in Kent, CT. She's having to pull on all her reserves of grit and determination as she continues to recover from her ankle injury and the tough terrain.

Grandma Gatewood, after summiting Katahdin, had to deal with an inordinate amount of celebrity in the immediate aftermath. As she is going through this, a new plan is forming in her mind.....

In this week's show I also referred to the excellent discussion that Anna Huthmaker had on her latest podcast with El Miller and the issue of hiking while black. It is a thoughtful, insightful look at something I'd never truly considered. You can find it on https://traildamespodcast.libsyn.com/episode-57-el-miller-bear-spray

I also mentioned my own fundraiser for hikeforH2o, a charity that helps fund the construction and maintenance of wells in Africa, giving villages access to clean water for the first time. I'm currently 30 miles into my 45 miles-in-a-week challenge. You can still sponsor my effort at https://runsignup.com/MightyBlue

If you like what we're doing on the Hiking Radio Network, please consider supporting us with either a one-off or monthly donation. The donate button is on the Mighty Blue podcast page at https://mightyblueontheat.com/the-podcast/

Any support is gratefully received.

Music for the "A Woman of a Certain Age" segment is by permission of Kate's friend, John Jensen. You can see and hear it in full on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlP7g7qivo4

Thanks, John.