Aug. 13, 2020

Episode #231 - Barney Mann (Scout)

Episode #231 - Barney Mann (Scout)

A Pacific Crest Trail Angel

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Another terrific show today, with Barney "Scout" Mann sharing his story as a lifelong hiker, a Triple Crowner, and the Ultimate Trail Angel of the Pacific Crest Trail. He started his journey as a young lad in the High Sierra (picture below) and started his Triple Crown on the PCT–with his wife–on their 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Barney has written a book about that hike, weaving in the stories from not only he and his wife but also of other characters they hiked with. As you can see below, he's changed a bit over the years!!

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Also this week, Bill Tickner, or Mr. President, joins the show to talk about his SOBO hike that originally started back in 2019.

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And in Balancing on Blue, Fozzie hits Amicalola Falls and the start of his own thru-hike. An immediate problem is establishing his nationality! Get Fozzie's book at Amazon by clicking here 

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