Sept. 3, 2020

Episode #234 - Dave Fleischman (J.I.F.)

Episode #234 - Dave Fleischman (J.I.F.)

Giving back to the trails

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We've got a guy this week who has spent his life hiking and giving back to both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. Dave Fleischman has spent time over the past 25 years maintaining both trails (mainly the PCT) and has a great insight into the logistics behind some of these extraordinary projects.

He also arranged his work life to facilitate his passion and shares a story about the importance of watching your health on any trail.

I'm sure you'll recognize where he is on our epic main photo and you should watch his video to give you an idea of his '93 PCT thru-hike.

John Zaccone comes onto the show to talk to us about his popular–and rather addictive–app called Walk The Distance. Listen to John as he tells you how to get the app AND help the ATC.

Mr President, Bill Tickner, introduces us to yet more serendipity and history of the trail. Follow up on this story by clicking this link to learn more about Ned Anderson and the beautiful Brae Burn Farm.

Finally, Fozzie meets some ponies. No prizes for guessing where!!

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