Feb. 4, 2021

Episode #256 - Caroll Coyne (Cheer)

Episode #256 - Caroll Coyne (Cheer)

Facilitating Community

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Today's guest is another whose thru-hike was the Pacific Crest Trail, yet Caroll Coyne has lessons–and solutions–that are universal to all long-distance trails. In her early 30s, she quit a well-paying job that wasn't fulfilling her and found that fulfillment out on the trail, with the community that she craved.

Returning home, her trajectory altered and her project to reconnect with the hiking community was born.

You can learn more about Caroll and Thru-R at https://www.thru-r.com/. In our conversation, Carol also mentioned Craig's PCT Planner. It is in her resource directory, but I thought I'd add the link as she referred to it. https://pctplanner.com/

You can also connect with Caroll and Thru-r at:

THRU-r Instagram: www.instagram.com/thru_r/

THRU-r Facebook: www.facebook.com/thrurcommunity/

Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carollcoyne/

Kathryn Herndon-Powell returns on behalf of the ATC to help hikers with some social distancing suggestions when out on a trail. If you're still planning on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail this year, make sure you check out https://atcamp.org/. This is a valuable resource that allows you to move your start date forward or backward to miss some high-capacity days. You can also register your own hike, thus helping other hikers who wish to do the same.

Finally, in my reading of his book, Walking The Appalachian Trail, Larry Luxenburg is probably preaching to the choir when he reminds us that "it's all about your attitude."

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