July 8, 2021

Episode #278 - Jessica Mills (Dixie) and MarDe Brooks

Episode #278 - Jessica Mills (Dixie) and MarDe Brooks

Hiking's new power couple!!

This week, let's welcome a newly minted thru-hiking couple to the show. Jessica Mills (Dixie) and her partner, MarDe Brooks, recently completed the Florida Trail, wading through swamps, bugs, gators and hot weather along the way.

Jessica has been on the show before, but I was particularly interested in the dynamic between the two of them as they faced the test of a thru-hike.

With the hike now in their rearview mirror, Jessica decided to repay MarDe's gesture of hiking with her by joining him where he is the most comfortable–on stage, singing at a festival. You can hear that here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKU1t6zQDpk

If you want to see and hear more of Jessica and MarDe, check out the links below.

MarDe Brooks Social Media Links


•Facebook: www.Facebook.com/MarDeBrooksMusic

•Instagram: www.Instagram.com/MarDeBrooksMusic


Website: www.MarDeBrooks.com

Jessica “Dixie” Mills Social Media Links
•YouTube: www.YouTube.com/c/HomemadeWanderlust

Katie has reached the rocks of Pennsylvania and is coping well with them. She catches us up with her progress over the past week.

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