July 22, 2021

Episode #280 - Vince and Monica Strawbridge (Strawbridge Treks)

Episode #280 - Vince and Monica Strawbridge (Strawbridge Treks)

The family that hikes together.....

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Today is the first of four shorter shows, with just one main interview and a few words of commentary from me. With a bit of luck, I'll be out on the John Muir Trail as you're listening to me and my guests.

Our guests today are Vince and Monica Strawbridge who, along with their four children and a friend, have recently completed the Appalachian Trail. For the Strawbridges, it was the culmination of their family Triple Crown.

This remarkable feat was achieved over a few years as the family responded to the hard times of the financial crisis by getting out on trails and realizing that their kids not only took to the lifestyle, but actually thrived out there.

The family maintained a YouTube and Instagram account as they completed their hikes. You can visit them here.



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