Jan. 6, 2022

Episode #304 - Michael Dunford (Honeybun)

Episode #304 - Michael Dunford (Honeybun)

Good things happen to good people

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My guests normally get on the show through listener suggestions, but this week, I found Michael Dunford on Facebook. He received a remarkable letter from a grateful father, and it was Mike's reaction to that letter that made me want to reach out to him and invite him on the show.


Our initial conversation, which I always try to do prior to recording, was illuminating in so many ways.

Mike's path hasn't always been smooth, and he shares a visceral tale of dark days before he found what he wanted to do with his life. That path is now clearly fulfilling him. If you'd like to camp on Mike's farm, just email him at the number below and share YOUR appreciation for the kindnesses he offers.

The letter that compelled me to invite Mike onto the podcast in the first place, is shown, with Mike's permission, below.

Sarah Sunshine Landis is the latest member of our Class of 2022, proving herself to be quietly confident in her own ability to successfully complete the trail. We'll be catching up with Sarah as her hike progresses.

Chuck Hayes, however, is the only one of this year's class who has started his hike. We caught up with him at Mountain Crossings, as he reflected those early days and his climb up Blood Mountain.

Finally, Winton Porter's Passin' Thru is coming to a close, with just two chapters to the end. This week, we conclude Chapter 18, following the shock news of Jennifer's ex, John.

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