Feb. 3, 2022

Episode #308 - Will Henry (Teaberry)

Episode #308 - Will Henry (Teaberry)

You never know what's around the corner

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This week, we have four guests on the show, with Will Henry leading the way. Will tells us about his 1994 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. He also talks about meeting Bill Irwin, the blind hiker who hiked a few years before Will with his dog, Orient. Bill not only befriended Will, but he also changed the course of Will's life and career path.

It's truly amazing when you consider the reach of the Appalachian Trail and the people who walk along it. You can check out the work that Will does with guide dogs here. https://www.guidedogs.com/

He also sent a few pictures of himself in 1994. Check out his Katahdin picture and the one of him fording the Kennebec. Epic!!







Considering Will's canine connection, it seems totally appropriate that the final member of our Class of 2022 is going with his own dog this year. Dan Whitesides, aka Trumpet, and his dog FrankE are heading out in early April. You can follow Dan and FrankE via Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/whitehuskyadventures/

Also today, we have another conversation with Chris Casado, from TSX adventures. Chris talks about his new NextGen Education Program, and you can find out more about that at https://tsxchallenge.com/nextgen/. If you have an interest in this program or would like to help, or find out more, please email Chris at chris@tsxchallenge.com.

Finally, Dom Tammaro is, to say the very least, as excited as he can be about his upcoming hike. Dom and Steve chatted about Dom's ongoing preparations.

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Dominick TammaroProfile Photo

Dominick Tammaro


Hello my friends! I’m a Brooklyn native, now living in Massachusetts, who is fulfilling a lifelong dream of hiking the AT this year. I’ve had the chance to hike throughout New England and have met thru-hikers along the way who were smelly, hungry, exhausted and exhilarated by the experience, the community and the natural setting. I’d love to join their ranks and can’t wait to start. I’m grateful to Mighty Blue for giving me a chance to share my experience. I’m hoping to use my hike to raise money to help address children’s mental health needs - I've included a donation link to the Appalachian Challenge below. Thanks so much for joining me!

Donation Page - Appalachian Challenge: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Our Youth: https://giving.lifespan.org/Bradley/appalachian-trail-fundraiser