Feb. 24, 2022

Episode #311 - Lee Brackman (General Lee)

Episode #311 - Lee Brackman (General Lee)

Meeting up with an old (young) friend

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I have a wonderful reunion this week, with Lee Brackman, General Lee, from my Class of 2019. Lee and I ran into each other in Virginia and hiked around each other for a few days. Despite that brief time, we felt like firm friends, our nearly 50 year age difference notwithstanding. It was great to catch up.

Lee is a pretty remarkable young man, having packed an awful lot of stuff into his 24 years, including both his long hikes, mission work in a Cholera Hospital, and Cancer Research at Vanderbilt.

More recently, Lee hiked the CDT and started a new company, with a friend from Vanderbilt, producing clean water with electrolytes. Check it out at Purlyte.com. If you want to learn more, or even reconnect with him after your own hiking adventure, Lee is happy to share his email address. You can reach him at lcb21977@uga.edu

We catch up with two of our Class of 2022 members. Joanne Birditt tells me that she is bringing forward her thru-hike a few weeks, while Sarah Sunshine Landis is going in the opposite direction, putting hers back a couple of weeks. None of this will matter when the two of them get out on the trail; it's always going to be there!

Finally today, stick around and listen to the Ballad of Mighty Blue, written for me by Andy Alexander. I close out the show with it today, and am grateful indeed that our show has meant so much to people that they want to support in this way. I'm humbled.

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